Percussion band

Keunsoriro is our traditional samulnori percussion band

Samulnori (사물놀이) is a genre of traditional Korean music. Its original Korean name can be divided into two parts: “samul,” meaning “four items” and “nori”, meaning “play”. Samulnori is played with four instruments: Puk, Janngu, Jing, and K’Kwaenggwari. Each instrument represents an aspect of nature: clouds, rain, wind, and lightning. This traces its source back to the harvest festivals of the common folk.

Keunsoriro is a group formed in 2006 by Mr. Im Sung Ho with students of Korean philology. The name of the band can be loosely translated as “a loud, thundering sound”, or more literally as “with the help of a great sound”. The name is directly related to the band’s mission, which is opening society to the profoundness of oriental music and culture. Our band is currently the largest and fastest-growing samulnori band in Poland. We perform annualy at Korean Culture Days, as well as playing at various events e.g. in Wrocław, Łowicz, Płock, Warsaw, and Gdańsk. We hold practice sessions every week and every student of Korean philology is invited to join us in the band. Please visit our facebook page at: